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Dr Marcus Stanton’s training now online on our Professional Area!

Dr Marcus Stanton’s training, “Lifestyle, immune system and fitness: easy and direct ways to optimise your health”, which took place last October, is now available on our Professional Area. Check out a transcript of an excerpt of Dr Stanton’s training wherein he explains the objectives of the workshop:

“Micro-immunotherapy provides two different kinds of help: either, based on an immune status, an adaptive work, meaning you change the overall immune status; or selectively, you can use some elements to, for example, treat certain virus infections or induce an upregulation in the mitochondrial ATP production, etc. And today it’s gonna be mainly about using those specific elements, those targeted formulas to induce change, rapid change, so that people really feel different within a short time.”

The training includes an introduction on the relationship between immunity and lifestyle, addressing different lifestyle factors and how they influence immune function. From this introduction, it goes on giving insights on how micro-immunotherapy helps counteract excessive inflammation, how it contributes to managing chronic stress, preventing its harmful effects, and how it helps optimise the functioning of the cellular power plants, i.e. mitochondria.

By watching Dr Stanton’s training, you will learn how micro-immunotherapy can help counterbalance repetitive lifestyle factors, providing immunoregulatory support and readjusting immune mechanisms that could otherwise lead to chronic diseases. Thus, you will learn about easy and direct ways to optimise your patient’s health and well-being.

If you are not registered yet, register to our Professional Area to watch the training and learn more about micro-immunotherapy’s immunoregulatory action through specialised scientific and medical documents.

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