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In the current era, where chronic diseases pose a significant challenge to the healthcare system, it is crucial for doctors and healthcare professionals to have the necessary tools to assess and treat patients’ immune systems. Our primary objective is to train healthcare professionals in effectively caring for their patients’ immune systems and using therapeutic tools like micro-immunotherapy to restore long-term immune competence.

Out now – Micro-immunotherapy Handbook Part I: The Essential Guide For Daily Clinical Practice

Drawing upon the extensive clinical expertise of doctors and therapists from the International Micro-immunotherapy Associations (AEMI, IFMi, MeGeMIT), this practical guide is tailored to support your micro-immunotherapy training, facilitating the application of an immunoregulatory approach in your daily practice.

It will allow you to seamlessly apply micro-immunotherapy in your everyday practice upon completion of the Introductory Course. It provides a comprehensive collection of factsheets, offering all the essential information needed to safely and confidently apply micro-immunotherapy formulas that do not require laboratory tests for their application in clinical practice.

Coming soon – Micro-immunotherapy Handbook Part II: “Advance Micro-immunotherapy” Designed to accompany your advanced micro-immunotherapy training, including immune monitoring tools.

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Micro-immunotherapy is an immuneregulatory treatment accessible to all healthcare professionals. Its goal is to maintain or restore the body’s natural processes that contribute to overall health, especially when they are compromised due to a disease. micro-immunotherapy is already being widely used by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide, as its integration within treatment plans has shown significant benefits in improving immune response.

As an association of healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of considering the immune system in managing various diseases and implementing preventive strategies. Additionally, we aim to promote the development and use of micro-immunotherapy as an effective therapeutic tool. We are committed to sharing valuable information with the public to support these goals.

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