Document about microimmunotherapy-and-allergies

Micro-immunotherapy & allergies

If an allergy is not detected and treated in time, it can lead to long-term consequences: neurodermatitis in children can develop into allergic rhinitis (hay fever) over the years and into allergic asthma at a later stage. This phenomenon is known as “allergic march” or “progression”. In order to curb this march, the underlying cause of allergy needs to be addressed. Micro-immunotherapy targets the root of the problem, as it directly addresses the immune system.

Document about microimmunotherapy-and-cancer

Micro-immunotherapy & cancer 

A cancer diagnosis is shocking news that unfortunately many people receive in their lifetime. However, one is not completely defenceless against cancer. Through an integrated, multimodal treatment programme, much can be done to work towards a cure or remission or gain more quality of life. Micro-immunotherapy is one of the cornerstones in cancer treatment, as it supports the immune system in the defence against cancer cells.


Micro-immunotherapy & inflammation 

We have all experienced it: the day after being pricked with a rose or stepping on a rusty nail, the affected area starts to hurt, it gets thick, red and warm. These are all signs of inflammation. We know the same effect from the reddened nose during a cold and the swollen tonsils in sore throat. Inflammation, if very pronounced, may even come along with fever. It is a normal reaction of the body‘s own defence system aimed at protecting the organism from external disruptive factors (e.g. pathogens) and preventing tissue damage.

Micro-immunotherapy and infections

Micro-immunotherapy & infections

As the cold season draws closer, many of us suffer from frequent respiratory infections. A stuffy or runny nose, coughs, sore throat or fatigue are some of the annoying symptoms that keep coming back year after year. Even though we are permanently exposed to pathogens, autumn and winter’s low temperatures make it easier for some viruses to spread1. Yet, how is it that some people enjoy good health during the cold season and others do not? How can we actively prevent infections? It is all about keeping the immune system in shape!

Micro-immunotherapy & psycho-emotional balance

Everybody has to deal with stress in life. Pressure to perform well, deadlines, combining work and family life, conflicts in relationships, severe disease, death of a family member, worries or anxiety about the future are some of the many daunting burdens to confront.

What is micro-immunotherapy?

Micro-immunotherapy makes use of the same messengers as the immune system (e.g. cytokines, growth factors, hormones), which are given sublingually in low doses. These substances are responsible for the communication between the cells and other elements involved in immune responses.

Micro-immunotherapy & Epstein-Barr virus infections

More and more people are suffering from persistent and largely unexplained symptoms such as chronic malaise accompanied by fatigue, recurrent sore throat, partly swollen cervical (neck) lymph nodes, migratory joint and muscle pain and unexplained temperature spikes.

Micro-immunotherapy and men’s health

Prevention and health promotion should be on the top of men‘s agenda! In fact, leading a healthier life with regular exercise, a balanced diet, good sleep and the use of mindfulness techniques can have a significant impact on physical and mental fitness and, specifically, on the immune system!

Micro-immunotherapy for women

Hectic lifestyles, professional and private responsibilities, hormonal changes… Women have a lot on their plates nowadays. Stress and overexertion progressively weaken the immune system. Over time, this depletion of the immune system damages our bodies and paves the way for the development of diseases and/or recurrent infections like colds, herpes outbreaks or other manifestations of viral reactivation.

Micro-immunotherapy for children

Colds and coughs, ear and throat infections or recurrent bronchitis: in winter, children regularly suffer from ENT problems as well as other infections of the respiratory tract, especially when they start nursery or day care. This is mainly because children’s immune systems are still immature, therefore increasing their susceptibility to infection.

Micro-immunotherapy & Well-Ageing

Healthy ageing and longevity are influenced not only by genetics but also by lifestyle. Targeted prevention can help to maintain physical and mental performance:

–> Healthy diet
–> Regular movement and exercise
–> Relaxation and stress management
–> Adequate sleep