Our commitment is to promote and offer specialized micro-immunotherapy training. We do not want language to be an obstacle. This is why we offer micro-immunotherapy events and training in other languages which you may be more familiar with, allowing for a better understanding of the therapy.

Interested in learning in Russian, Italian or Slovak?

Micro-immunotherapy training in other languages: Slovak
Micro-immunotherapy training in other languages: Italian
Micro-immunotherapy training in other languages: Russian

Do you have skills in Spanish, Portuguese, French or German?

You can train in another language. Visit the website of the associations! (Webinars, training sessions, e-learning…). Discover the importance of taking into account the immune system in the management of diseases and of micro-immunotherapy as a therapeutic tool.

Micro-immunotherapy in Spanish

Web: www.aemi.es
Telephone:                                    +34 93 100 41 14
Email: info@aemi.es

Micro-immunotherapy in French

Web: www.microimmuno.fr
Telephone:                              +33(0)186954163
Email: ifmi@microimmuno.fr

Micro-immunotherapy in German

Web: megemit.org
Telephone:                                   0043-(0)-1-93027 3040
Email: info@megemit.org