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Advanced micro-immunotherapy: Learn to monitor your patient’s immunity!

The advanced micro-immunotherapy course is now available online! If you already completed the introductory micro-immunotherapy course, you can now get ahead with further training and discover the possibilities that micro-immunotherapy offers to assess your patient’s immunity and apply adapted treatment strategies.

microimmunotherapy course

The course is structured in two parts:

Part 1

Includes an extensive explanation of the players involved in the immune response and an introduction to the immune monitoring tools that will allow you to fine-tune your treatment strategy, such as lymphocyte typing and serologies.

  1. The players of the immune reaction
  2. Introduction to immune monitoring tools
  3. The Lymphocyte typing
  4. Viral serologies

Part 2

Is dedicated to the interpretation and clinical relevance of the different immune cell populations determined through lymphocyte typing. The clinical application of these parameters is illustrated through clinical case reports. Also, Part 2 includes several exercises to test your knowledge.

  1. Interpretation and clinical relevance of the different immune cell populations
  2. Clinical case examples
  3. Exercises

Don’t miss the opportunity to advance your micro-immunotherapy training and fine-tune your treatment strategy!

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