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Short & Sweet Webinar Series: New Impulses for Your Medical Practice with Dr. Marcus Stanton

Modern lifestyle has brought new challenges to daily clinical practice. Lifestyle-related factors are involved in the dysregulation of various body systems, including the immune system. As a consequence, it is frequent to see blockages and lack of progress when treating patients.

In this Short & Sweet webinar series, Dr. Marcus Stanton will provide you with new impulses to unlock these blockages through the micro-immunotherapeutic approach, which addresses the underlying immune and metabolic imbalances in various conditions and thus contributes to sustainably improving health.

The 45-minute webinars (with Q&As at the end) will allow you to translate new therapeutic concepts into direct and successful action in your daily clinical practice.

The following highly topical medical fields will be covered throughout the webinar series:

  1. Silent virus infections (a story behind others)
  2. Micro-immunotherapy in lifestyle and sports – More energy and performance in a natural way
  3. Connection between irritable bowel syndrome and depression
  4. Next Webinar: Women’s health – Hormonal balance, thyroid, recurrent infections, vaginal fungi and urological infections
  5. Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  6. Combining nutritional therapy with micro-immunotherapy

Don’t miss the upcoming webinar on September 13th!

In this webinar, you will put into focus the specifics of  women’s health , since any chronic state accelerates both ageing and loss of energy.

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