Self-training (English) | Managing Patients with Long / Post-COVID & Other Post-Viral Multisystemic Disorders


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Contact: Christian Sohmen

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Micro-immunotherapy and Low Dose Medicine in General Practice: Managing Patients with Long / Post-COVID & Other Post-Viral Multisystemic Disorders

Description Of The Training Course

This online training course presents the general features and fields of application of micro-immunotherapy (low-dose immunotherapy), an innovative immunoregulatory treatment approach, focusing on its application in Long / Post-COVID and other post-viral multisystemic disorders as part of integrated treatment strategies.

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Who Should Take The Training?

  • General Practitioner or Healthcare Professional

The course is designed for any General Practitioner or Healthcare Professional interested in micro-immunotherapy, an innovative, personalised and precise treatment approach, and will prove especially useful for those healthcare professionals working with cases of Long COVID and Post-COVID syndrome and other post-viral multisystemic disorders.

Training Course Contents

The online training course is divided into three parts. Registration includes access to all parts of the training course.  

  • Part 1: Micro-immunotherapy in General Medical Practice. Introduction to innovative evidence-based approach.
  • Part 2: Treatment of patients with Long-Covid and Post-COVID. Clinical application of Micro-immunotherapy.
  • Part 3: Case Reports: Application of Micro-immunotherapy in Long / Post-COVID cases.

Advance your micro-immunotherapy knowledge after the training course

Registration to the training course includes personalised assistance via Zoom with Christian Sohmen, who will be pleased to guide you further in your micro-immunotherapy training and provide you with advice and specialised documents to start integrating micro-immunotherapy into your daily clinical practice.

Your Speaker: Dr Eleni Kavelara-Lodge

Webinar trainer Dr. Eleni Kavelara-Lodge

Dr Kavelara-Lodge has been working as a general practitioner since 1992, most of the time in her private practice in Maxvorstadt, Munich, Germany. 

Dr Kavelara-Lodge started her career in 1982 in Athens with a Degree in Public Health from the Athens University. She continued studying Medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany in 1983-1989, graduating with a Degree in Medicine in 1989, followed by a PhD in Medicine in 2007. 

As a young Doctor Dr Kavelara-Lodge became interested in the interrelationships between body and mind and in the concepts of the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology, Low-Dose medicine and Micro-immunotherapy, which she has been using in her Medical practice for many years now. Outside her work as a GP work, Dr Kavelara-Lodge is a sought after international lecturer in the field of Low Dose Medicine and Micro-immunotherapy. She has been designing and delivering courses and seminars for Doctors and public talks for General Public since 2000.

Since 2020 Dr Kavelara-Lodge has been successfully treating patients with Post-COVID and Long COVID. She shared her experience with colleagues in Germany, the UK and other EU countries in her lectures and workshops.

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