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This year 2022 starts with a piece of good news and a web update from Micro-immunotherapy International Medical Experience. We would like to share with you the new study on the effects of micro-immunotherapy: “The Micro-Immunotherapy Medicine 2LEID Exhibits an Immunostimulant Effect by Boosting Both Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses”. The article has been published in the «Molecular Pharmacology» section of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. It evaluates the effects of the micro-immunotherapy medicine 2LEID (both in vitro and in vivo) on several components of the innate and adaptive immunity, showing increased phagocytic activity of macrophages and enhanced activation of NK cells and monocytes. The study thus demonstrates the formula 2LEID’s efficacy as an immunostimulant medicine to prevent and treat mainly respiratory infections.

You may access the full article through our section Scientific Papers, wherein all studies on micro-immunotherapy are listed in a chronological and well-arranged manner.

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