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Face stress, immunodeficiency and post-COVID with micro-immunotherapy

Bodily processes are usually, if not always, interrelated. By now, there is ample evidence that besides EBV, chronic stress and immune senescence are among the causes behind the development of the post-COVID syndrome.

While acute stress tends to favour immunocompetence, chronic stress exerts a negative effect on the organism and immunity by favouring inflammation, virus reactivation and the onset of chronic diseases. This is so due to the close relation between the psyche, the nervous, hormonal and the immune system. It is very important to counteract stress or manage it in order to avoid an immune imbalance or deficiency and thus minimise the risk of developing immune disorders such as the post-COVID syndrome.

By contributing to regulating the stress reaction and promoting immune balance, micro-immunotherapy is a great ally in the management of chronic stress and the prevention of immunodeficiency. Together with a healthy lifestyle and in combination with other therapeutic approaches, micro-immunotherapy promotes balance on the hormonal level and between cell senescence and cell proliferation and thus provides support to immunity in demanding situations.

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