Short&Sweet Webinar Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Micro-immunotherapy


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Reserved for health professionals.

February 27tht 18:30 – 20:00h (UK time)

Contact: Christian Sohmen

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MCAS – Training Course Overview

An excessive release of histamine from mast cells without an apparent stimulus can inflict severe discomfort for the patient: red flushes, itching, burning sensations, the symptom of dermatographism, dizziness, tachycardia, diarrhea, acid reflux, fatigue, sleep disorders and respiratory discomfort, just to name the most prominent out of many.

This Short&Sweet webinar focuses on two effective approaches for the treatment of MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) which can break the circle :

  • Rebalancing the immune system through immunoregulation (micro-immunotherapy)
  • Strengthening mast cell membrane integrity

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Dr Marcus Stanton will be providing guidelines for treatment based on his ample clinical experience. Participants will gain understanding of the immune mechanisms underlying MCAS. The course aims to provide valuable insights on this medical condition and bring new impulses for clinical practice by proposing immunoregulatory tools including micro-immunotherapy.

Who Should Attend?

This training course is tailored for healthcare professionals keen on expanding their knowledge of MCAS and micro-immunotherapy. The course offers a unique opportunity to delve into the application of immunoregulatory strategies in MCAS.

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About Dr Marcus Andrew Stanton

Marcus Stanton

– Medical doctor (Luebeck, Germany)
– Lecturer, internationally
– Medical supervisor and instructor for other therapists
– Medical author and publisher

– President and Dean of IFOS (International Academy for Oxidative Stress)
– Vice-President of the Helping Association for environmental illnesses (VHUE e.V.)
– Founding member of NIKO (Network Interdisciplinary Complementary Oncology)
– Editor and medical advisor of (Magazine for COmplimentary MEDicine)
– TV anchorman on “Quantensprung” ( and editor-in-chief for medicine and science

Marcus Stanton had been tempted by intellectual challenges from an early age on: Becoming member in the chess club at the age of 6, founding a computer club with 14, and worked himself into quantum physics with 15. He has endeavored to build bridges from philosophy, humanism and the sciences into medicine. With his unique way to convey knowledge to others in a descriptively and fascinating way, he already was asked to hold classes at his own high school while attending it.

He follows this goal of an holistic medicine in an open, patient-centered collaboration of all medical disciplines in frequent lectures throughout different countries. He is also a teacher in the advanced medical education, has an own program on the internet-TV and is being invited as an interview expert, for example in Germany with RTL and N24.

In his seminars and lectures he often teaches an entire weekend without script or notes – by vividly combining aspects of physiology, biochemistry, pathology, quantum physics, bio-electrics, field-material condensation stages, life’s conflicts and causality to a coherent and entertaining big picture. He always emphasizes, that each patient bears a very individual constellation, which often cannot be addressed by standard protocols and statistical medicine that is based on the most common denominator, but by looking personally at all layers and influences of the being.

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