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Our participation at the 14th ECIM

We are excited to announce our participation at the14th European Congress for Integrative Medicine which will be held in Porto from September 30 to October 1.

3 women who took part in ICoMI2022 will be speakers at ECIM2022. Who are they? What topics will they be addressing at this international event? In case you don’t know about them already, we’re attaching their focuses together with their lectures at this year’s ECIM:

Dr. Josepa Rigau

Dr Josepa Rigau

President of AEMI (Spanish Association of Micro-immunotherapy, Asociación Española de Microinmunoterapia), PhD cum laude, is a specialist in biological and anti-aging medicine. She will be giving a lecture on the “Integration of micro-immunotherapy in the anti-ageing strategy”.

Dr. Alexandra Vasconcelos

Dr Alexandra Vasconcelos

Is a pharmacist and director of Viver Clinics. She has been a micro-immunotherapy trainer in Portugal since 2018. She will be addressing the following theme at ECIM: “Long-term COVID control with micro-immunotherapy for healthy longevity”.

Dr. Dolores de la Puerta

 Dr Dolores de la Puerta

Is a medical doctor with her private practice in Madrid. Her focus lies on integrative medicine, anti-aging and microbiota. She has been treating patients with all types of functional and organic pathologies associated with dysbiosis for over 20 years. Her theme at the Congress: “Human microbiome and longevity”

More Speakers:

Dr Roni Moya

Is a biomedical doctor and immunologist, and a specialist in many other fields. He will be giving a conference on “Regenerative Biomedicine in Immune Rejuvenation”.

Dr Ralf Oettmeier

A specialist in Orthopaedics and Leading Physician at the Alpstein Clinic in Switzerland, will be presenting the following theme at the congress:  “Innovative Approaches In Diagnosing And Cleansing Of Environmental Toxicity”

Dr Ana Moreira

Is a doctor from Portugal who runs her own clinic Integrative Medicine Center (Porto / Funchal). She is going to present a conference called “Longevity waits for us: the secret of IM” at ECIM2022.

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