Micro-immunotherapy news

Clínicas Viver opens in Portugal

Clínicas Viver has opened its doors in Lisbon and Vila Nova do Gaia offering a wide range of therapeutic solutions within the field of integrative medicine. Dr Alexandra Vasconcelos (Lisbon, Portugal), a pharmacist and postgraduate in integrative medicine, is its founder and director. She shares with us her experience with micro-immunotherapy:

“I have been working with micro-immunotherapy for some years on my patients and I am pleased to be part of the team of trainers. The use of micro-immunotherapy formulas makes a difference in clinical practice. Not only to support immunity but also in acute and chronic diseases. I am sure the future of immunology will pass through this concept. The approach aims to support the immune system in a logical, intelligent and natural way, making it more adapted to overcome the imbalances it is subject to. I emphasize the area of virology and viral reactivations, where micro-immunotherapy is especially effective and constitutes an innovative and unique tool, as there are no other therapeutic tools that control viral reactivations, the cause of so many diseases, in such a targeted way”.

Learn more about Clínicas Viver at https://clinicasviver.pt/