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Interview to Dr Petra Wiechel on micro-immunotherapy

Dr Petra Wiechel is the Chief Physician of the Swiss Mountain Clinic, a health center in the Alps where every patient is taken care of in an individualized manner, addressing the underlying causes of disease and setting up tailored prevention and treatment plans. The clinic offers various diagnostic tools to accurately assess one’s health status as well as numerous therapies to put you on the path of recovery. Among them is micro-immunotherapy, an approach which Dr Wiechel holds in high regard.

Petra Wiechel was recently interviewed in  QS24, a Swiss TV-Channel dedicated to complementary medicine. When asked about micro-immunotherapy, Dr. Wiechel thoroughly explained the immune mechanisms behind health and disease as well as the efficacy and precision of micro-immunotherapy in its gentle regulation of the immune system. She embedded various practical examples into her answers to round up the presentation of her approach to health and disease, wherein micro-immunotherapy plays a decisive role to reattain or maintain physiological balance.

Last year, the Swiss Mountain Clinic received its second QS24Award for health visionaries.
We invite you to watch the interview to get a closer understanding of immunity and micro-immunotherapy.