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Micro-immunotherapy: Support your immune system against cancer

February 4 is the World Cancer Day. This day was set with the objective of promoting means to alleviate the world cancer burden. On this day, we would like to share with you the therapeutic approach to cancer as proposed by micro-immunotherapy. 

What is cancer?

World cancer day

Cancer is the word used to refer to a wide range of diseases characterised by the successive mutation of normal cells and the associated incapacity of the immune system to detect and eliminate those cells on time. Evasion of the immune response allows tumour cells to “settle”, favouring immune tolerance and immunosuppression and promoting the invasion of other tissues by these cells, so-called metastases. 

The immune system plays a crucial role in the prevention and fight against cancer. As cancer cells create a micro-environment in which they manipulate immunity to leave them “unbothered” through protumoral immune mechanisms, in the fight against cancer it is important to retrain immunity back to its antitumor function.

The immune system plays a crucial role in the prevention and fight against cancer

The contribution of micro-immunotherapy

All the processes and mechanisms that occur during the development of cancer are well known and widely described in the scientific literature. Micro-immunotherapy draws upon these understandings to develop its specific formulas, which are directed at supporting the immune system in its fight against harmful agents.

The composition of these formulas is designed to regulate immunity by producing a sequential action that influences every stage of the set of events that characterises each pathology. cancer, micro-immunotherapy is directed at promoting the antitumoural immune response and counteracting protumoural immune mechanisms, thus supporting the body-own defence against the disease and improving responsiveness to standard oncological therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.   

It is important to note that micro-immunotherapy is not intended to replace conventional cancer treatments, but to complement them.

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This is just a brief sum-up of the application of micro-immunotherapy in oncology. For further information, you may check out our brochure for patients on micro-immunotherapy and cancer. If you are a health professional, you can consult our specialised document on micro-immunotherapy and oncology through our Professional Area.

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