Micro-immunotherapy: Your shield against autumn and winter infections (Part 1)
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Protect yourself against autumn and winter infections

With autumn just around the corner, the risk of falling ill increases. To prevent infections, supporting the immune system is essential!

Iconic representation of autumn and winter infections
  • Coughing
  • Colds
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue

Although we are permanently exposed to pathogens, autumn and winter’s low temperatures offer the perfect conditions for the spread of hundreds of different types of viruses. Challenging times for the immune system. 

Our immunity is meant to ward off pathogens efficiently. It should act as a protective shield against both internal and external disrupting factors. It can only do so if it is in tip-top shape. 

How does micro-immunotherapy help to strengthen the immune system in order to prevent infections? Below you may find micro-immunotherapy’s immunoregulatory action explained.

How does micro-immunotherapy help you strengthen immunity and prevent infections?

Micro-immunotherapy is an immunoregulatory therapeutic approach based on the use of immunomodulatory substances, such as cytokines, in low doses, thereby mimicking physiological processes and improving treatment tolerability. It speaks the same language as the immune system and, given the low dosage, communicates with it in a gentle, sequential and targeted way. By providing the immune system information via a common language, it regulates its function and trains it to re-attain its ability to respond to infections appropriately and resiliently. 
features of low-dose immunotherapy that help prevent infections
The specific micro-immunotherapy formula used to prevent and treat autumn and winter infections is aimed at supporting the defence mechanisms in their fight against pathogens and bringing the infection under control. Its specific sequence of immune messenger substances works its effect on the overall system with the following immunoregulatory objectives: 
  • Support the innate and adaptive immune response in keeping the infection under control
  • Downregulate the mechanisms impairing or inhibiting the antimicrobial host defence
  • Limit the excessive immune reaction in response to an infection and associated disorders.
Micro-immunotherapy can be used to reduce the duration and intensity of the symptoms during an acute infection. However, it is recommended to start preventing infections in time to enjoy an easygoing cold season in all its facets with good health.

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