Micro-immunotherapy & Gynecology

The vaginal flora and the immune system form an important protective shield against harmful microorganisms in a woman’s genital tract. If these defence mechanisms are not functioning properly, various complaints can arise, including infections of the vagina and bladder. This also significantly increases the risk of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases, such as herpes genitalis (caused by herpes simplex viruses), condyloma (genital warts, caused by human papillomaviruses) and chlamydiosis (caused by Chlamydia).1

Similarly, other illnesses, such as cancer (e.g., breast or cervical cancer) and autoimmune diseases (e.g., Hashimoto thyroiditis and endometriosis) are also more frequent if the immune system is out of balance.2

Additionally, day-to-day life of a woman in today’s world is anything but calm! A hectic lifestyle, professional and familial responsibilities, as well as stress and overexertion, can unbalance the interplay between the nervous, hormonal and immune systems, making the onset of recurrent oral herpes, fatigue, depression, allergies and inflammatory diseases more likely.3

Micro-immunotherapy is an immunoregulatory treatment approach that can make a significant contribution towards recovery and quality of life for various conditions that frequently affect women. Micro-immunotherapy offers the immune system a kind of boost and works its effects in both a sequential and optimised manner, since it imitates the natural response cascade of this complex network. The aim is to achieve a suitable response from the organism to internal and external agents.

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