2nd International Congress of Micro-immunotherapy (ICoMI)

2 June, 2022 – 4 June, 2022 all-day
International Medical Experience

Immunomodulation in health and disease:
Targeting immunometabolism as a key strategy

ICoMI2022 will take place on June 2 – 4, 2022 as a virtual event.

It will be a translational event: Immunometabolism will be addressed from both the scientific and the clinical areas, presenting research whilst addressing medical practice. Check out the ICoMI2022 topics and take a look at the general program structure.

The main topics on the congress will include:

  • Metabolic control of immune function.
  • Dysmetabolism, chronic inflammation & associated diseases.
  • Therapeutic interventions & immunometabolic reprogramming.
  • Diagnostic tools & biomarkers.