Micro-immunotherapy news

Self-training now available on Google Classroom

Are you a doctor, a member of a specialist medical group or a therapist?

The introductory micro-immunotherapy course is now available online on Google Classroom. By registering to the training, you will access the recorded training course with unlimited replays, the presentation files and additional specialised documents. 

The training course will enable you to:

Train yourself in micro-immunotherapy. Study at your own rhythm and at any time of your convenience!

  • Integrate micro-immunotherapy into your daily clinical practice
  • Prescribe the basic formulas

Advanced micro-immunotherapy: Learn to monitor your patient’s immunity!

After the introductory training, you will be able to delve deeper into the application of micro-immunotherapy. The advanced micro-immunotherapy course is now available online! If you already completed the introductory micro-immunotherapy course, you can now get ahead with further training and discover the possibilities that micro-immunotherapy offers to assess your patient’s immunity and apply adapted treatment strategies.

Zoom sessions

Christian Sohmen, Micro-immunotherapy international development

Moreover, you may request individual Zoom sessions for specific consultations or advice by mailing Christian Sohmen.

Contact: Christian Sohmen – christian.sohmen@micro-immunotherapy.com