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Micro-immunotherapy in Slovak

Doc. MUDr. Jaroslava Wendlová, PhD, is an internist applying an integrative approach in her daily practice. As President of the Slovakian Society for Bioregenerative Medicine, she shares with us some appreciations on micro-immunotherapy:

  • Micro-immunotherapy has opened a new door into the future of immunology not only to integrative medicine, but also to conventional medicine.
  • Micro-immunotherapy uses immune messenger substances (mainly cytokines) in low doses to gently steer and regulate the immune response, mimicking the natural regulatory mechanisms of the body.
  • The objective of each active substance within a specific formula may be different, depending on its preparation model: upregulation, maintenance or downregulation of the biological activity of the substance in the body.
  • Important advances and benefits of micro-immunotherapy:
    1. Therapeutic option for daily clinical practice (including general practitioners and family doctors).
    2. Reduced side effects due to the use of low doses.
    3. Micro-immunotherapy formulas are obtainable without a prescription – a great advantage!
    4. Treatment efficacy.

Micro-immunotherapy can be applied in many different fields, since there is a wide spectrum of formulas aimed at regulating immunity in multiple diseases with underlying immune imbalances. This makes the treatment especially beneficial for patients with complex pathologies, increasing the probability of treatment success and recovery.


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