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Fields of application

The allergy season is close at hand: use micro-immunotherapy preventively

Micro-immunotherapy has proven to be of invaluable help in supporting therapeutic strategies for the treatment of allergies, and can be applied in an acute phase as well as preventively. Overall, micro-immunotherapy focuses on restoring the efficiency of the immune system, central pillar of our health. It can be integrated into any treatment plan, tailored to the needs of every patient, and has applications in many areas such as allergy.

By applying low doses of cytokines and other immune transmitters, micro-immunotherapy aims to suppress allergic reactions. It is therefore not only targeted at treating annoying symptoms arising from allergic reactions, such as sneezing, coughing, itching, sore eyes and skin reactions, but actually focuses on combatting their underlying causes by regulating the misdirected immune response.

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